This afternoon’s session

After lunch, the first discussion will kick off at 2.30pm, and end at 3.30pm.

FIRST DEBATE: Working with directors
(the first of two debates on issues of particular interest to writers)
Whose film is it anyway and what does it matter?
• Stanislav Semerdjiev, FSE board member (chair)
• Srdjan Koljevic, Peter Hedges, Scott Alexander, Guillaume Laurant, Guy Hibbert, Sergio Sanchez, Mateo Gil, Olivia Hetreed, writers

The following discussion will run from 3.30pm – 4.15pm

DISTRIBUTION I: New distribution methods and the implications for writers
Digitisation and the net have changed distribution of content. What are the implications of the changed distribution structures for production in general and how does this impact writers?
• Rebecca Schechter, president of the WGC (chair)
• Arvind David, producer and CEO of Slingshot Studios
• Lucinda Engelhart, head of production at Aramid Capital
• Julian Friedmann, agent
• Fred Breinersdorfer, writer

There will be a coffee break from 4.15pm – 4.45pm.

The last dicussion of the day will take place from 4.45pm – 5.30m.

DISTRIBUTION II: Interventions on distribution issues
• Anita Ondine, founder of Seize the Media, will make a presentation on the different possible models for monetisation of the internet. Will it be advertising supported, streaming, subscription?
• Tilman Scheel, CEO of Europe’s Finest will look at the digital future of cinema and TV distribution.

There are no other events planned for the day.


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