Acropolis photos

Sandwiched between old and newI’ve added some photographs to the Conference’s Event page on Facebook, and I’ve also created a Picasa Album with some of my images.

The low light comined with my average camera meant that they are good for viewing on the web only.I spotted a number of fancy gadgets among the conference members so I’m sure many of you took better quality images.

Feel free to upload your favourite pictures to Facebook. If you wish to add pictures to the Picasa Album, and have a Google account, then drop me an email to wcosblog [at] and I’ll enable sharing on the album.

Or send the images to me at that email address and I’ll add it to the blog myself – make sure you let me know what attribution you would like.

I like this picture because of the juxaposition of the old Athens city under the shiny New Acropolis Museum, with screenwriters as a conduit in between.


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