Participant profile: Tilman Scheel

In Germany we find out more about the Managing Director of Reelport GmbH, Tilman Scheel.

Tilman Scheel

Tilman Scheel

Tilman was born in Hanover, and studied art history and law in Hamburg and Berlin. In 2001 Tilman became a lawyer with Arthur Andersen and Ernst&Young consultants, his areas of expertise being company and media law.

In July 2004 he developed reelport, an online film submission platform for festivals like Oberhausen and Tampere. In 2005 Tilman founded the reelport GmbH as an independent company. By now 15,000 film makers have uploaded more than 20,000 films to 60+ festivals from Korea to Finland and from Ecuador to Italy.

In 2008 Tilman created Europe’s Finest with the support of MEDIA. Europe’s Finest has by now acquired the Pan-European rights to more than 50 film classics and a dozen current Cannes and Berlin participants, digitised them in 2k DCI cinema format and is offering them to the digital theatres across Europe.

Tilman loves Film, Tango Argentino, Mark Rothko and Tafelspitz.


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