Participant profile: Arvind Ethan David

This morning we bid hello to Arvind Ethan David, CEO and a Producer at Slingshot.

Arvind Ethan David

Arvind Ethan David

Arvind co-founded Slingshot, the next generation film company, in 2005. He leads both business and creative strategy for the company, and has served as a producer on all of the company’s films to date – Sugarhouse, Faintheart, French Film, Tormented and currently, The Infidel.

Prior to Slingshot, Arvind served as Commercial Advisor to Headline Pictures, the production company set up by Stewart Mackinnon, Kevin Hood and the late Mark Shivas. Between 2003 to 2004, Arvind was Interim Managing Director of Ruby Films, working for Oscar-nominated producer Alison Owen. In 1999, he founded hahabonk, one of the UK’s early internet entertainment companies, which  produced more than 100 short animated films and interactive games for cable television and broadband internet, as well as helped launch the careers of such comedians as Jimmy Carr, Mackenzie Crook and The Hollow Men.

In addition to his career as producer and entrepreneur, Arvind is also a qualified solicitor and a writer. His stage-show Dirk, based on the Douglas Adams character, won three prizes in the 2007 LA Weekly Theatre Awards.

Arvind is a member of the British Screen Advisory Council and the PACT Film Policy Group. He also spends too much time speaking at conferences, writing articles for the trade press and is a regular guest lecturer at London Business School and the National Film & Television School. He grew up between Kuala Lumpur and London, speaks Malay (poorly) and Spanish (even more poorly) and enjoys neglecting his blog and twittering.


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