Participant profile: Leora Kamenetzky

We zip into Israel today, where we can meet screenwriter and director Leora Kamenetzky.

Leora Kamenetzky

Leora Kamenetzky

Leora studied at the Tel Aviv University and at the School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Since then she has  worked mainly in the field of television drama and has created  the following successful series: Alex (2008), Dog’s Life (2006), Adumot (Red Team, 2004-2005), The Good Guys (1999 – 2002) and Minutes of Fame (2001).

Dog’s Life was nominated for Israeli Academy Awards across every category,  Adumot won an Israeli Academy Award, and The Good Guys was nominated for Israeli Academy Awards  in every category.

Leora has also taken part in developing and writing many other television series, and has directed a variety of shows for children.

She has written scripts for three feature films: Wind over Water, which is in the early stages of pre production, Ship of girls an adaptation of Michal Zamir’s book that tells the  story of women in the Israeli Army, and Fairytale.

Leora is also the head of the Israeli Scriptwriters Guild.


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