Participant profile: Jochen Greve

In Germany, we meet screenwriter Jochen Greve.

Jochen Greve

Jochen Greve

Jochen was born in Bielefeld, Germany, and studied Communication Studies, Theatre Studies and History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (MA). He worked as an assistant director, cameraman, editor, location manager as well as a production manager and producer for various academic films and television movies.

Since the mid 1980s he worked as an advertisement writer. At the 36th International Advertising Film Festival in Cannes he was awarded the Silver Lion for his TV spot ‘Electricity’. Since the early 1990s he has concentrated on writing just for television and cinema. He received three German TV awards for Trickser.

He has written several popular and critically-acclaimed television movies as well as television series. His specialities are psychological and crime thrillers as well as intimate plays.

Since 2008 he’s been a member of the Administrative Board of the collecting society VG Wort, and since 2009 he’s been a member of the Board of the Verband Deutscher Drehbuchautoren (Screenwriters’ Guild of Germany).


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