Participant profile: Jeff Gross

We swing by Paris this evening, where we sit down with novelist and screenwriter Jeff Gross.

Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross

Jeff was born in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. He moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the age of four and lived there until the age of six, while his father was South American Editor of Look Magazine.

After moving between New York, Paris, Boulder, and Los Angeles for high school, Jeff went to university at UC Santa Cruz, and UCLA, where he did a B.A. in History (with specialisation in Intellectual History and Languages). He also played soccer at both places, and went on to Sweden after graduation to try to play professionally. He played for three months with Djürgården, Swedish First Division, then two months with Tennis Borussia Berlin, German Second Division, before he decided that he wasn’t cut out to be a football player. He moved to a tiny Greek island called Astypalea for a year and half, before settling down in Paris.

He is the author of seven novels and over 40 screenplays including three collaborations with Roman Polanski, two of which were produced (Frantic and Bitter Moon).

After directing a number of short films and documentaries, he is in the process of setting up his feature directing début, including one film set in Paris, and another set on the island of Astypalea.

He currently lives in Paris with two wonderful children, and a lot of films.


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