Participant profile: Anita Ondine

We jet into the UK to meet up with Anita Ondine.

Anita Ondine

Anita Ondine

After spending her early years in Sydney, Australia, Anita lived for a short period in the former Yugoslavia before moving to Tasmania, where Anita and her mother became deeply involved in the largest environmental battle in Australian history – the battle to save the Franklin River from being dammed.

This experience sowed the seeds of an ongoing commitment to telling stories that subvert accepted wisdom, and challenging the audience to think and act in different ways.

Anita graduated with Honors in Law at the Australian National University, where she specialised in intellectual property, technology and international law. Anita also holds a degree in Political Science and Modern European Languages.

Anita spent the majority of her professional career as a lawyer in the City of London where she advised major corporations such as Reuters on the development of their data licensing and internet platforms. Anita then joined Lehman Brothers where she performed a number of roles including legal advisory, operational risk management and held the role of Senior Vice President and European Chief Administrative Officer for 5 corporate divisions.

Anita is now CEO of Seize the Media, a company dedicated to the development, financing and production of entertainment properties in the Transmedia domain, including fully integrated feature films, web series, mobile micro-narratives and alternate reality games. Seize the Media also provides consulting and creative services to third parties on topics related to audience engagement and cross-platform story architecture.

Anita has written a book and several articles, and speaks internationally, on themes related to the intersection of technology, entertainment and business.

Despite living between London and New York for over a decade, Anita still identifies as being “from Tasmania” and likes to retreat there from time to time.


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