Participant profile: Alexandros Nterpoulis

In Greece we can meet author, scriptwriter, playwright, and columnist Alexandros Nterpoulis.

Alexandros Nterpoulis

Alexandros Nterpoulis

Alexandros was born in Athens, studied Archaeology & History of Art at the School of Classical Studies in the University of Athens, and followed it with post-graduate studies on Creative Writing in the University of Western Macedonia.

He’s taken acting and script writing at Vassilis Diamantopoulos Drama Studio, and has attended many creative writing and scriptwriting seminars and workshops worldwide (Euroscript, Arista, L.S.W, M.F.I, microFilm, Goldsmith,Children television programs and mass media).

Alexandros has written two novels: Under the shandow of two towers (Ellinika Grammata in 2000, and translated into Italian as All’ ombra delle torri, published by Crocetti in 2006) and The island beneath the mist, (Kastaniotis, May 2010).

He’s written the short film, ‘A Midsummer’s Night’ (1998) directed by Paulina Caranastassi, and scripts for the teleplay Night Train (ET3, 2001), and the comedy series Stand Up You Two (MEGA, 2000-2001) and Dancing With The Zaralikoys (ALTER, 2004).

He’s also written a number of plays and musicals, including Savage Creatures (2000), Surreal Eros (2004), Romeo N’ Juliet, The Day After (2005) and The taste of happiness, which will be produced by 104 Theatre, in Athens during 2010.

As well as this Alexandros has worked as a columnist in the Kastaniotis’ Publications paper pages, written texts for stand-up comedy, runs his own workshop and teaches creative writing.


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