Participant profile: Lucinda Englehart

It’s over to the UK again, where we are introduced to Lucinda Englehart.

Lucinda Englehart

Lucinda Englehart

Lucinda Englehart is Head of Production at Aramid Capital Partners, the film finance company based in London. Aramid has provided debt finance for more than 35 independent feature films in the last two years including W, In the Loop, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People and Cheri.

Prior to joining Aramid, Lucinda produced Turkish feature film My Marlon and Brando. The film won numerous prizes in 2008 including Tribeca and two FIPRESCI awards. She also produced Sea Point Days, a feature documentary by Emmy award-winning South African director Francois Verster, which opened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008 and is being broadcast in multiple territories. Her other credits include U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, winner of the Golden Bear at the 2005 Berlinale.

In parallel to producing, Lucinda launched an initiative in partnership with luxury brand LVMH that provides an innovative interface between London based financial institutions and the independent film world.

Lucinda graduated at the University of Cambridge with a degree in Social and Political Sciences and an MPhil (Political Science) at the University of Cape Town where she lectured and published a number of academic papers related to film.


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