Participant profile: László Czető Bernát

We continue the day early in Hungary, where we find screenwriter László Czető Bernát.

László Czető Bernát

László Czető Bernát

Or, Czető Bernát László in the Hungarian order: Czető is his pen name, Bernát the family name and László is his first name.

László was born in Budapest, and from 1972 he studied Hungarian Literature and Cultural Anthropology in Budapest University (ELTE). He began teaching screenwriting at Werk Film Academy, Budapest in 2007.

For twenty years he was involved in the Hungarian state-owned television, MTV as script editor, senior script editor, president of the Trade Union and creative manager. He represented Hungarian TV at EBU and One World Groupe of Broadcasters in the nineties. He’s also worked for theatre and film. He’s completed adaptations from classical Hungarian novels, short novels, and dramas.

He started to write in the mid-eighties, starting with several TV-plays, films, drama-adaptations, serials and series, theoretical essays, and short novels. His script, Rosszfiúk (Badboys, 1999) won the Hartley-Merrill International Prize in 1997.

After leaving MTV in 1998 László became the writer and script-editor for a daily soap opera titled Barátok közt (Among Friends). Since 2000 he has worked as a screenwriter for film and television.

Now László is the head writer of DUNA TV’s sitcom, Állomás (Train station): its second season is broadcasting currently, and its third season is in development.


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