Participant profile: Ulf Ryberg

We settle into Sweden, where we discover screenwriter Ulf Ryberg.

Ulf Ryberg

Ulf Ryberg

Ulf began working as a radio reporter, and then progressed onto working as as a script editor on SVT (Swedish Television Drama). At that time his intention was to become a film director.

Ulf had already written a number of short film screenplays when he finally got the opportunity to direct two of them. He found it funny- and a trauma – as he wasn’t educated as a director, and he wasn’t satisfied with the result. It was definatelly not a Bergman production…

So he decided to stick to scriptwriting –  a wise decision he has never regretted.

Writing scripts is hard work but at the same time a privilege. And Ulf keeps telling himself that he is far more successful as a scriptwriter than he would have been as a director.

Some of the television and feature films he has written include: Den Gråtande Ministern (A Fatal Affair, 1994), which won the Jury’s special award in Prix Italy, and was nominated for an international Emmy;  En Nämndemans Död (Death Of  a Juror, 1995). Djupt Vatten (Deep Water, 1999); Det Grovmaskiga Nätet (The Wide Net, 1999); Kvinnan i Det Låsta Rummet (Woman in The Looked Room, 1999); Kvinna med födelsemärke (Birthmark, 2000); Lasermannen, (The Laser Man, 2005) – based on a book by Gellert Tamas; Lögnens Pris (The Cost of Lies, 2006); Luftslottet som sprängdes (Millennium: The Girl That Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, 2009) – based on a novel by Stieg Larsson.


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