Participant profile: Stanislav Semerdjiev

It’s late in Bulgaria, but not too late to meet Prof. Dr. Stanislav Semerdjiev.

Stanislav Semerdjiev

Stanislav Semerdjiev

Stanislav is Rector of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) – Sofia, Bulgaria. He is also President of the Bulgarian Association of Film, TV and Radio Scriptwriters (BAFTRS), Vice-President of the World Association of Film and TV Schools (CILECT) and Treasurer of the European Federation of Screenwriters (FSE).

He founded the Screenwriting Graduate Program at NATFA (1991) and created the first Bulgarian prime-time serial Hotel Bulgaria (2004, Nova TV). He is the writer and producer of the spiritual documentary The Hamlet Adventure (2008, dir. Ivaylo Dikanski and Greg Roach). He is the script analyst of more than 40 European full-length feature film productions for the European Script Development Program SOURCES-2 (its Board Member since 2004).

He has written articles in all specialised Bulgarian newspapers and magazines, including the monography A Short History of the World Screenwriting, vol.1: USA (1994). He has served as Jury Member or President for prestigious international film/TV festivals and has been а core participant at festivals, workshops, conferences and symposia in more than 40 countries.

Currently he is member of the Public Advisory Council at the Bulgarian National TV (BNT), member of the National Film Council (NFC) and member of the Expert Advisory Council on Culture at the Sofia Municipality.


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