Participant profile: Ståle Stein Berg

We skim across to Norway and settle with Ståle Stein Berg.

Ståle Stein Berg

Ståle Stein Berg

Ståle studied screenwriting at The Norwegian Film School, where he wrote the award-winning shorts ‘Himmelstormeren’ (best screenplay Munich International Festival of Film Schools and Grimstad International short film festival) and ‘Hormoner og andre demoner’ (best film Munich International Festival of Film Schools)

He got his professional début wit the feature Jonny Vang in 2003, and followed it with Vinterkyss (Kissed by winter) in 2005, for which he earned the Kanon prize for best screenplay at the Kosmorama Film Festival. Vinterkyss also recieved the Grand Jury Prize at the AFI Fest / Los angeles Film Festival.

Ståle’s latest production is the television series Størst av alt, co-written with Siv Rajendram Eliassen and Ivar Køhn. Størst av alt was awarded the Norwegian Gullruten prize for best TV-drama in 2007.

During the last few years Ståle has attended the National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme, an art-based parallel to other research educations organised as academic Ph.D. programmes. He made his Final Appraisal in May this year, presenting two feature-length screenplays and an essay focusing on epic forms of storytelling in contrast to the Aristotelian drama paradigm.

He is currently working on preparing the screenplays written during the research programme for production. Berg is also a member of the board in the Norwegian Writer’s Guild.


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