Participant profile: Kelly Sweeney

Our next port of call is England, where we find screenwriter Kelly Sweeney.

Kelly Sweeney

Kelly Sweeney

Kelly, as Bebo‘s Head of Original Productions, works to identify and commission new shows for the world’s leading social media network, Bebo, and develop this emergent medium with shows such as KateModern, Sofia’s Diary, The Gap Year and b-box

Kelly ensures that Bebo’s original productions continue to be engaging and enticing through building and maintaining a collaborative relationship with Bebo’s production partners and advertisers and ensuring a great experience for its users.
Kelly Sweeney joined Bebo after a year working on KateModern – a show that achieved more than 67 million views within 12 months and garnered industry acclaim securing two BAFTA nominations and a British Press Guild Award for innovation.

Before joining KateModern, Kelly worked on over 20 TV productions for the BBC, Sky and ITV amongst others. On projects ranging from daily live reality to documentaries, comedy, entertainment and chat shows.


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