Participant profile: Jan Dowjat

Poland is where we’ll find screenwriter and director Jan Dowjat:

Jan Dowjat

Jan Dowjat

Jan is a graduate of New York University Film School, and the author of 15 short films. He’s a programming director for Script Forum – the professional screenwriters’ conference in Warsaw, and has been a participant of numerous training initiatives and workshops for screenwriters including the Mediterranean Film Institute and the Script Factory.

Jan co-founded and headed development of the production company Yeti Films. He provides consultation to writers and their projects, and conducts workshops for debuting screenwriters and film actors.

He’s been the recipient of screenplay grants, and has worked on concepts and screenplays for television series.

Jan is currently in the process of writing two feature screenplays: The Baby (Polish Hartley Merrill finalist)  and Psychotest, as well as being in advanced pre-production for the debut film Tripping With My Grandparents.

He’s a member of the Screenwriters’ Guild and the Young Talent Section at the Polish Filmmakers’ Association.


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