Participant profile: Gino Ventriglia

Italy is our destination now, where we meet screenwriter Gino Ventriglia.

Gino Ventriglia

Gino Ventriglia

Gino works as screenwriter and story editor for networks (Rai, Mediaset) and television, and cinema companies (Rai Cinema, Sintra, Istituto Luce, Tao2, Studio Canal Urania, Imago, Cattleya, Eagle Pictures, Filmmaster, Grundy, Luce, IIF, Bavaria Media Italia).

He wrote the feature films Arrivederci, Amore Ciao (2006), Moneyflies (2004), and Dreamcity – The city of our Dreams, the latter won the Vittorio De Sica Prize at the Cinema International Meetings (Sorrento, 1988).

For television, he story edited prime-time series such as Squadra Speciale Scomparsi, Una donna per amico (I series), and Trenta righe per un delitto. He co-ideated and wrote the serial drama Un posto al sole.

He teaches drama theories and cinema language (Rai-Script course, Scuola Holden in Torino, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Roma and Milano); he works as a tutor in the Script & Pitch Media program.

He edited the books Three Uses of the Knife – Theoretical Writings by David Mamet (Minimumfax 2002), Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier (Minimumfax 2000) and Alternative Scriptwriting by Ken Dancyger and Jeff Rush (Rizzoli 2000).

Since 1994 he is member of editorial board of the quarterly magazine Script. He is on the board of SACT. He has a Masters in English Language and Literature (Istituto Universitario Orientale, Napoli), won a Fulbright Fellowship, and got a Master of Fine Arts in Directing and Scriptwriting at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


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