Participant profile: Scott Alexander

We jet into Los Angeles, where screenwriter Scott Alexander awaits.

Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander

Scott and his writing partner Larry Karaszewski first met as freshman roommates at USC’s School of Cinema. On a whim, they wrote a screenplay during their senior year, which sold a week after graduation.

They are best known for writing very unusual biopics with larger-than-life characters. They wrote the highly–acclaimed Ed Wood (1994), for which they were nominated for Best Screenplay by the Writers Guild. They followed this with The People Vs. Larry Flynt (1996), for which they won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, as well as a special Writers Guild award for civil rights and liberties. That film won the Golden Bear in Berlin. They also wrote the extremely postmodern Man on the Moon (1999), the life story of Andy Kaufman. All three scripts have been published in book form.

Otherwise, Scott and Larry are quite eclectic. They wrote the hit Stephen King adaptation 1408. They produced the Bob Crane biopic Auto Focus, and they wrote and directed the comedy Screwed.

They have also written numerous family films: Agent Cody Banks (2003), Problem Child (1990), Problem Child 2 (1992), and That Darn Cat (1997). The Problem Child films were subsequently spun off into a cartoon series and TV movie. Currently they are adapting the Scholastic books Goosebumps, and they are preparing to direct Big Eyes, their biopic of the painters Margaret and Walter Keane.

Scott, a native of Los Angeles, started his Hollywood career toiling on low-budget horror films as a music editor. As a director, his work has appeared on MTV and Nickelodeon. He has also written for HBO’s Tales From the Crypt and the television series Monsters, which he directed. He is married with three children.


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  1. ED WOOD is one of my all time favorite!
    I´m Sara a Portuguese screenwriter and I´m here to wish you a great time at the conference and thank you for your talent:-)

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