Participant profile: Robert Taylor

It’s across the channel to England, to meet Robert Taylor.

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Robert is Chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, and was previously Treasurer from 2002-2009.

He has written for BBC TV childrens’ and comedy series in particular, and  numerous episodes of the evergreen classic comedy ChuckleVision.

At the beginning of his career he co-wrote with Rory Clark for a number of years in the partnership Farcical Films developing sit-coms and off-beat comedy projects.  He is currently developing a number of writing projects.

Robert is also a practising lawyer and in 2006 in co-founded the firm Barclay Taylor specialising in media law.  The firm works closely with writers and other creators in the UK and internationally.  Amongst his successes, he counts forcing IMDb to correct a client’s credits and negotiating the return to the author of 20,000 copies of a recently published book.

He believes that writers must act collectively now to assert, protect and develop their rights in the digital world that offers the opportunity to take control of the production and distribution of our work unprecedented in 500 years.


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