Participant profile: Nicola Lusuardi

We zoom into Italy, to meet and greet Nicola Lusuardi.

Nicola Lusuardi

Nicola Lusuardi

Since 1990 Nicola has been working as a playwright in collaboration with several production companies, and as a screenwriter with TV networks.

As well as this he he writes essays and teaches dramaturgy at the RAI-Script school for screenwriters (endorsed by the Italian national television network), and other writing schools.

He is a member of the “Associazione 100 Autori” board, which represents several hundred screenwriters and directors.

Some of television screenplays include: L’ultima Trincea,  directed by A. Sironi;  Little Dream directed by D. Marengo, story M. Carlotto;  Puccini, directed by G. Capitani; Pantani, directed by C. Bonivento; Morte di un Confidente, directed by Manetti Bros., story M. Carlotto; The Black Arrow, directed by F. Costa, based on the novel by R.L. Stevenson; La Monaca di Monza – directed by A. Sironi;  Daddy, directed by G. Battiato; Renzo e Lucia, directed by F. Archibugi; and Ultimo II – The Challenge, directed by M. Soavi.


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