Participant profile: Dinos Giotis

It’s to Greece, before the conference, to meet screenwriter Dinos Giotis.

Dinos Giotis

Dinos Giotis

Currently Dinos is the President of ΕΝΩΣΗ ΣΕΝΑΡΙΟΓΡΑΦΩΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ – ESE (the Scriptwriters’ Guild of Greece). He has also served as Vice President (2007-09) and as General Secretary (2005-07) of the Guild.  Since 1992 he’s been a member of the Periodical Electronic Press Union.

He studied Journalism, and Screenwriting at the Athens University (BA) and Direction at Colleges in Athens.

He had been writing articles in newspapers and magazines since 1986, and in 2005 he began editing the free press magazine Arta Press.

Dinos has written two novels, E-mail, Patakis Publishing house, 2001 and The recognition of Maximus Rodomanos, Metaixmio Publishing house, 2004, as well as a collection of short stories, Coctail Molotof, Kochlias Publishing house, 2002.

He’s written the script of Love Knot (Eleftheri Katadissi), an original feature film directed by G. Panoussopoulos, 1995, as well as E-mail, which is an adaptation of his novel, directed by Markos Holevas, 2001. In 2003 he wrote and directed the short film ‘The little ship’. He’s also worked as the researcher and scriptwriter of the SKAI TV documentary Eleftherios Venizelos (2009)

Dinos had been teaching screenwriting at the School of Film Studies in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2008-09),  as well as at the college IEK DOMI (2006-09), Athens.


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