Participant profile: Daniel Howald

It’s over to Switzerland, to meet screenwriter Daniel Howald.

Daniel Howald

Daniel Howald

Daniel was born in Basel, Switzerland. At university he graduated in philosophy, literature and cultural anthropology. After that he had several years of training in filmmaking in Paris, Cologne and Switzerland, and since 1997 he has worked as an author, director and dramaturge.

For the Swiss television channel SF he recently developed its latest drama serial and a television film. Last year his movie Das Geheimnis von Murk won the Swiss audience award. For the cinema he is currently writing a script about child in care in Switzerland. This year he presented the documentary My Mother’s Death.

He is member of the board of the Swiss Filmmakers Guild (ARF/FDS), which  represents screenwriters, playwrights, directors, writers and/or director-producers.


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