Participant profile: Norbert Köbli

Hungary is a late stop tonight, to meet screenwriter Norbert Köbli.

Norbert Köbli

Norbert Köbli

Norbert is a Hungarian screenwriter, and chairman of Hungarian Screenwriters’ Association (MFE-HSA).

After finishing law school, Köbli worked as a film critic, then as a film distributor. He sold his spec Mancs, the inspiring true story of the beloved rescue dog, to Új Budapest Filmstúdió in 2005. The project is in production now with Robert Adrian Pejó directing and László Kántor producing.

On the strength of the Mancs script, Köbli served as a creative producer and did uncredited rewrites on rom-com S.O.S. szerelem! (2007), which went on to become one of the biggest home-grown hits in Hungary.

In the same year, he sold his next spec 9 és 1/2 randi (2008) to producer Ádám Neményi, a rom-com Köbli wrote for his close friend, actor Iván Fenyő. Though Köbli wasn’t happy with the finished product, the movie with the same name became a box office hit.

Köbli continues to work on specs (A vizsga) as well as commissioned scripts (Made in Hungária), edgy documentaries (Pierre’s Girls) and quality TV dramas (Tűzvonalban). He translated Lajos Egri’s The Art of Dramatic Writing to Hungarian.

Köbli has been serving as chairman of Hungarian Screenwriters’ Association since 2007, which he founded alongside 10 leading Hungarian screenwriters. The association now has more than 30 members.


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