Participant profile: Marc Terjung

We touch down in Germany, the home of screenwriter Marc Terjung.

Marc Terjung

Marc Terjung

Marc Terjung was born in Eupen, Belgium. He studied Communication Science at Freie Universität Berlin, and has written various scripts for television films.

He is the creator and head writer of the series Edel und Starck, which comprised of 52 episodes between 2002-2006. The series won the “Deutscher Fernsehpreis” (German TV-Award, Best Series), and the “Romy” (Austrian TV-Award, Best Script).

He was head writer of Die Anwälte, for which he wrote eight episodes between 2006/2007, Allein unter Bauern, for which he wrote 10 episodes in 2007, and for the forthcoming show Danni Lowinski he wrote 13 episodes, which should be broadcast in spring 2010.

Marc founded the company Faktor Sechs, which is like a United Artists for television: three writers and three producers came together to create the television they like. They are now developing a crime series, and the pilot episode will be shot in March 2010.


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