Participant profile: Christlieb Klages

We arrive in Germany again, this time to discover more about Christlieb Klages.

Christlieb Klages

Christlieb Klages

Christlieb is an attorney-at-Law (Germany), a Certified IP-Lawyer, a partner in the Berlin-based HERTIN law Firm, Germany and works in the area of Media and Copyright Law.

He has been repeatedly recommended as an expert for Copyright Law and Media by the JUVE Handbook of German Lawyers, and as an expert for Intellectual Property by The LEGAL 500.

Christlieb has taught Copyright and Film Law at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB), Berlin since 2002 and is the author of several publications on Intellectual Property such as Schütze/Weipert (Editor): Munich Contracts Handbook, Standard Contracts with Commentary, Part 3: Commercial Law II, C.H. Beck, 6. ed. 2008/2009; Klages (Editor): Fundamentals of Film Law, C.H. Beck 2004; and several articles on Copyright and Media Law.


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