Participant profile: Carlos Saboga

This morning we greet Portuguese screenwriter Carlos Saboga.

Carolos Saboga

Carlos Saboga

Carlos was born in Portugal, from where he departed as soon as he could. He’s lived consecutively in Paris, Rome, and Algiers – for a long period without documents, then with them – and again in Paris, where he currently lives.

He works, with more or less conviction and regularity, as a translator, an assistant director, a journalist (columnist, reporter, correspondent, film critic), in press, radio and television.

Carlos participated, mostly non-credited, in the shooting of films like The Young Dead by Claude Faraldo, A Stone in the Mouth by Giuseppe Ferrara, Jacquou the Bumpkin by Stellio Lorenzi.

He’s written for television and cinema, amongst others: The Daughters of the Cellar Master by François Luciani, The Path of the Lightning by Jacques Bourton, A Ball in the Head by Michaëla Watteaux, The Dead Man’s Seat and Jaime by António-Pedro Vasconcelos, Homesick by Fernando Lopes, The Miracle according to Salome and Doomed Love by Mário Barroso, The Mysteries of Lisbon by Raoul Ruiz.

He’s been selected, here and there, in various competitions and festivals, but very rarely rewarded.


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