Participant profile: Siv Rajendram

We brave the cold and head to Norway, to warm up at a fire with Siv Rajendram Eliassen.

Siv Rajendram

Siv Rajendram

Siv completed a Masters in sociology at the University of Bergen, and was studying to become a psychologist, when her part-time job as a host in the Norwegian TV2, got her interested in scriptwriting.

Long hours on the job, with plenty of spare time to study, were instead spent watching American series like Picket Fences, Murder One and Chicago Hope. She wanted to find out why she was hooked, and through her work, she’s been trying ever since.

Siv has primarily written for television, and has written and co-written some of Norway’s high profile series like Brigaden, Ran and Størst av alt. Together with her co-writers she won the Gullruten Award (the Norwegian equivalent to the Emmy) for Ran and Størst av alt.

She also wrote the screenplay for the children’s feature film Svein og Rotta (Svein the Rat, 2006), and co-wrote the thriller Varg VeumFallen Angels. For her work on the latter she won the Amanda Award for Best Script in 2008.

Her work includes sitcoms, crime, thrillers and children’s movies, but her heart remains with the drama series. She is currently developing a new one-hour drama for the Norwegian national broadcaster, NRK.

Siv is member of the board of the Norske Dramatikeres Forbund (Writers’ Guild of Norway).


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