Participant profile: Mika Ripatti

It’s not too far across the cold sea to safe harbour in Finland, to meet screenwriter and playwright Mika Ripatti.

Mika Ripatti

Mika Ripatti

Mika Ripatti writes for television, film and the stage.

His credits for the screen include the feature films Upswing (directed by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, 2003, Jussi-award for best screenplay), Land of Love (directed by Ilkka Vanne, 2003, short-listed for Jussi-award), The Year of the Wolf (directed by Olli Saarela, 2006) and One Foot Under (directed by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, 2009).

Since 1994, Mika has written over 80 hours of prime time television drama and comedy for major Finnish broadcasters, and his debut stage play Stockholm premièred in Oulu in 2009.

Currently, Mika is working on a screenplay for a feature film, a drama series for television and his second play, Bushwife.

A father of two, Mika is based in Tampere and Helsinki.


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