Participant profile: Gábor Krigler

It a short journey to Hungary, where we meet screenwriter Gábor Krigler.

Gabor Krigler

Gabor Krigler

Gábor has been working as a screenwriter, script consultant and story editor for the past ten years.

He wrote the first Hungarian language practical guide to scriptwriting and teaches the craft of screenwriting at various institutions including the Hungarian Film Academy.

He is one of the founders of Budapest-based Fade In Script Consulting and project manager of, an online spec script market and writers’ community. He was one of the organizers of the Central European Pitch Forum, designed to let up and coming screenwriters from all over Europe have their voices heard. He also co-organizes the annual Hungarian Screen Story Pitch Fest.

His writing credits include a thousand-plus episodes on a popular soap and a darkly comic anthology series for HBO. He has worked on several films as a story consultant, including a multiple award winning crime comedy.

Along with Fade In, Gábor is developing his first feature film as a co-producer. He likes to breathe and is not afraid of water.


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