Participant profile: Eva Spreitzhofer

Austria is our next stop, where we meet actress and screenwriter Eva Spreitzhofer.

Eva Spreitzhofer

Eva Spreitzhofer

Eva studied acting at the Vienna Volkstheater and appeared in numerous films, television and theatre productions.

Now she works both as a writer and an actress. In 2000 she won the screenwriting competition of the ORF Television Network in the category Best Television Movie with her very first screenplay, Tigermännchen sucht Tigerweibchen (2002). It was produced by teamWorx, one of Germany’s leading television production companies, directed by Michael Kreihsl for ARD Television Network and ORF.

Eva went on to write numerous treatments and screenplays, including König Otto (2006) for ORF and SAT.1, Andreas Prochaska’s mini-series Zodiak – Der Horoskop-Mörder (2007) for ORF Television Network and SAT 1, as well as the ARD television movie Zwei Wochen für uns (2004) and Heute heiratet mein Mann (2006) a co-production of ORF and SWR.

Eva is the chair of the board of directors of Drehbuchverband Austria (the Screenwriters Association of Austria).


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