Participant profile: Marta Raventós Pedret

It’s back to Spain to meet the manager of Forum de Asociaciones de Guionistas del Audiovisual (FAGA), Marta Raventós Pedret.

Marta Raventós Pedret

Marta Raventós Pedret

Marta was born in Cervelló, and obtained a degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona (UB). She later specialised in museology, and received a Diplome Spéciale de Muséologie from École du Louvre, and then completed postgraduate work in Management and Administration of Institutions, Business and Cultural Platforms from IDEC-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

In 1997 she became involved in cultural projects, including working with the association Segle Nou, Communic’art (Paris) and MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona).

Between 2005 and August 2007, she worked with Mondigromax, a management and production company specialising in contemporary dance and opera, and helped coordinate the Festival d’Opera de Butxaca i Noves Creacions (FOBNC). For Mondigromax she worked as the assistant manager for sponsorship, communication, accounts and event production. For FOBNC she was in charge of the team, companies and venue coordination, as well as the administrative tasks, grants and support for the account. She was also the representative of the Festival at the FONEO meeting in Pontlevoy France (2006).

During 2008, she handled the distribution, advertising and subscriptions of the Performing Arts magazine Artributos. Since 2007 she has worked in Modiband organizing El Meu Primer Festival and its “goes on tour” (children’s film festival), and Cinema al Aire Lliure (outdoor cinema). She also programmes and manages the screenings of “Cinema Familiar” for Obra Social La Caixa and coordinates the author film season “Amb Veu Pròpia” (La Caixa/Lleida).

Marta has been the manager of Forum de Asociaciones de Guionistas del Audiovisual (Audiovisual Scriptwriters Guilds Forum) since May 2008.


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