Participant profile: Piotr Borkowski

We hurry to Poland now, to meet screenwriter Piotr Borkowski.

Piotr Borkowski

Piotr Borkowski

Piotr was born in Olsztyn, Poland. He graduated from Warsaw University with a degree in English literature, and followed it with a Ph.D. in literature/culture studies. He now teaches film and culture studies at the English Institute of the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS).

He co-wrote the screenplay of ‘Trójka do wzięcia’ (‘Three for the Taking’, 2006) – directed by Bartek Konopka – a short film produced for a 30-minute programme. He has written two short films that will début in the same programme (currently in production), as well as the screenplay for Bartek Konopka’s feature-length début Lęk wysokości (Fear of Heights, also in production). Piotr also has a development grant from the Polish Film Institute for his feature-length film Fade out.

He’s a Member of the Board of the Koła Scenarzystów Filmowych (Union of Polish Screenwriters) of the Polish Filmmakers’ Association. As a screenwriter he collaborates with his wife, Eliza Borkowska, and mentors emerging Polish directors.


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