Participant Profile: Jacqueline Woodman

We travel to the southern hemisphere to meet Jacqueline Woodman, Executive Director of the Australian Writers’ Guild.

Jacqueline Woodman

Jacqueline Woodman

Jacqueline has held senior executive positions in Australia and overseas with the European Network on Debt and Development, the World Development Movement and CARE Australia. Jacqueline is currently on the Board of the National Foundation for Australia Women (N.F.A.W) and of Jubilee Australia, an organisation campaigning for the cancellation of harmful debt accumulated by developing countries.

After years working in organisations focused on lobbying for justice for the poor at the international level Jacqueline became Director of the Whitlam Institute, drawn by Gough Whitlam’s vision of equal opportunity for all to a life worth living and to his commitment to equality in access to the arts as part of that vision.

Now, as Executive Director of the Australian Writers’ Guild, Jacqueline heads the peak national organisation for performance writers. The AWG works tirelessly to support its members, providing a high level of legal and industrial support to increase the standing of all writers working within the screen, theatre, radio and performance industries. They also provide an extensive programme of professional development opportunities including several major industry awards and fellowships and many educational initiatives.


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