Participant profile: Yomi Ayeni

It’s back to England to meet Yomi Ayeni, Creative Director of Expanding Universe.

Yomi Ayeni

Yomi Ayeni

Yomi was born in London, and has worked as record producer, DJ, journalist, and documentary maker.

With a depth of broadcasting and online experience, Yomi has created a wide variety of innovative productions and projects for a range of broadcast and new media companies, including the BBC, ITV and Now TV.

Over the past twelve months Yomi worked on Breathe a new interactive film experience. The project consists of scripted narrative, online interaction, an Internet radio station, and several live events. Breathe launched in October at Power to the Pixel / BFI London Film Festival 2009.

In 2007 Yomi designed and produced Violette’s Dream, a global interactive extended reality drama, with a prize of two solid gold bars.

 This was one of the first concepts to integrate computer game storylines with online interaction and real world role-play.

Yomi created the first interactive reality TV gameshow, E-Trippers, for Rapture TV in 2000, and won the Broadcast “Best Use New Media” award in 2002 with Global E-Missions for ITV.

He is hugely involved in a number of underground community-driven pursuits including international media relations for the Burning Man Festival, and the annual Santacon jamboree in London.


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