Participant profile: Sinan Biçici

A southerly flight to Turkey brings us to screenwriter Sinan Biçici.

Sinan Biçici

Sinan Biçici

Sinan started his career as a journalist and then an editor, before he turned to screenwriting.

He first began work in the industry on television serials such as İlk Aşkım (My First Love), Kadın Severse (If Woman Loves), Havalimanı (The Airport), and İyi Uçuşlar (Have A Nice Flight).

He was in charge of a project organised by the Turkish Scriptwriters Association at an important prison in Turkey.  This Project resulted in a movie, played by real prisoners, called Bayrampaşa: Ben Fazla Kalmayacağım (The Prisoners, 2007).

Currently, Sinan is shooting a documentary film as director.

He is one of authors of the book, In İstanbul (2005), which details the historical and cultural aspects of the city.

Sinan is on the Board of Directors of SENDER, the Turkish Scriptwriters Association, and has been a member of SINEBIR (the Film Authors’ Collecting Society) and the Advisory Board of TAREM (the Centre for Social Research and Education).


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