Participant profile: Paavo Westerberg

It’s up to Finland now to introduce Paavo Westerberg.

Paavo Westerberg

Paavo Westerberg

Paavo was born in Helskini, and is a screenwriter, playwright, film director, theatre director and actor.

His feature film credits include the films Paha maa (Frozen Land, 2005), Valkoinen kaupunki (Frozen City, 2006), and Ranta (The Shore, 2006) – which is based on Paavo’s play of the same name. Paha maa won seventeen international awards including the Best Script award at the Athens International Film Festival, and the Finnish Jussi award for the year’s Best Screenplay. The following year Valkoinen kaupunki won eleven awards, including the Jussi for Best Screenplay.

Paavo has also written for Finnish television series, such as Gränsfall.

Forthcoming projects include the television series Jälkilämpö (Latent heat, 2009), which Westerberg is both writing and directing, and the feature film Prinsessa (Princess, 2010), in which he is acting as well as writing.


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