Participant profile: Frédéric Castadot

It’s a quick hop to Belgium, to meet screenwriter Frédéric Castadot.

Frédéric Castadot

Frédéric Castadot

Frédéric graduated from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Art History and Cinematographic writing and analysis (ELICIT).

He has written for various media (music, cinema, tv, literature, comics), and received the prize of Best Script at the Festival Media 10-10 in 2004.

His first short movie ‘NoStar‘ (2006) was directed by Christian Neuman. The short represented the United Kingdom in the project U.K. Trailblazing Short (a program of 12 English shorts that were screened in the US).

His feature film script Quand on n’a que l’amour was selected for the Sopadin Junior Prize of the best script in Paris (2006).

His comic Du vent sous les pieds, edited by Quadrant, will be released in 2010. Frederic is now working on his next feature film script Reviens, and on a television series called Woufti for Belgian television. His style could be described as follows: when a hard and dark adult reality meets a childish and sensible world.

Since 2006 Frédéric has been Vice President of the Association des scénaristes de L’audiovisuel (Association of Audiovisual Scriptwriters), and has participated on several festival juries.


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