Participant profile: Wim Blaauboer

We’re arriving in the Netherlands, to meet screenwriter Wim Blaauboer.

Wim Blaauboer

Wim Blaauboer

Wim graduated in Scriptwriting from the Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie in Amsterdam (Dutch Film School) in 1997.

Since then he’s worked as a television screenwriter with numerous credits including situation comedy (SamSam; Samen Alleen; De Franse Gouvernante; Ben zo terug), hour drama (De Wet volgens Milo) and soap (Het Glazen Huis). He’s also written educational films, and interactive films.

He’s the author of Wegwijzer Voor Scenarioschrijvers, a book about how to become a cultural entrepreneur for beginning screenwriters, which is published by the Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers (Dutch Screenwriters Guild).

He won the Geneva-Europe TV Writing bursary in 1999 for Het gebeurde in onze straat (It Happened in Our Streets).

Wim has written numerous articles on screenwriting, and is a screenwriting teacher at SAE Institute Amsterdam, Scriptschool Amsterdam and RijnIJssel Arnhem.

He was a member of the Dutch Oscar-selection committee for feature films in 2003, and Jury member Grand Cru, Le Prix du meilleur Scénario de Court et Moyen Métrage, for Cannes in 2006.

In 2005 Wim became Treasurer of the Dutch Screenwriters Guild.


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