Participant profile: X. H. Rivadulla

It’s over to Galicia today, to meet screenwriter, director and producer X. Henrique Rivadulla Corcón.

X. Henrique Rivadulla Corcón

X. Henrique Rivadulla Corcón

X.H. Rivadulla was born in Coruña, Galicia and has been working in the audiovisual industry since 1986.

During those twenty-three years he’s worked as producer, scriptwriter, director, actor and television host. In addition to television he also works in radio, theatre and as a prose writer.

His background is primarily linked to the Galician regional channel TVG. As an author and theatre director Rivadulla has created seven shows. Rivadulla’s writing has been published in the following genres: poetry, novels, children’s literature and the theory of screenwriting.

In the past five years he has directed for TVG the programs Planeta Fantasía, Caravana de sabores and Salitre, currently in issue. On Radio Galega, Rivadulla has directed the program A casa do Vagabundo. He also directed the following documentaries: Os andolios sobre a chaira; Coralia e Maruxa, as irmás Fandiño; Redeiras, un oficio galego e de mulleres; Manuel Curros Enriquez, na fronte unha estrela; and the short film ‘A pequena serea’.

He has taught film production, theatre and screenwriting. Since 1999 Rivadulla has chaired the Galician Association of Scripwriters (A.GA.G), and in February 2009 he became President of Forum de Asociaciones de Guionistas Audiovisuales (FAGA).


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