Participant profile: Alexandros Kakavas

It’s over to Greece now, the location of the conference, to meet screenwriter, director and producer Alexandros Kakavas.

Alexandros Kakavas

Alexandros Kakavas

Alexandros is a screenwriter and director, and runs his own production company.

He is the Greek representative in Eurimages, Media and SEE Cinema Network. He is also a special Advisor at the Greek Film Centre on international relations; a member of the European Film Academy;  General Secretary of  SADA (Collective society of Authors – Directors); the elected representative of the Greek Directors Guild in FERA; and member of SAPOE (Independent Producers of Greece). He’s the ex-President of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece, ex-INCD Steering Committee member, ex-AIDAA member of the Board of Directors, ex-vice president of “micro” (Short Film Directors), and ex representative in FSE.

The first script he co-wrote with director Antonis Kokkinos for the feature film Telos epohis (End of an Era, 1994) won several awards, including Best Screenplay and Picture at the 35th Thessaloniki Festival, and the State Awards in 1995.

His other feature scriptwriting include: Anemos stin poli (Wind over the City, 1996), Pes pos m’agapas (Say you love me, 1997), Hamenos Paradeisos (Stream, 2000), To mystiko tou Noemvri (The Secret of November, 2002), Varea anthygieina (Arduous & Hazards Tasks, 2003), and Deep End (2008).

He’s the triumvirate of writer/producer/director for the short films ‘The Promise’ (which received a Mention of Merit at the 2005 State Awards); ‘The Doll’ (which won the Best Direction Prize at the 2004 Athens Fantasy Film Festival); and ‘Cross’ (which received a Mention of Merit at the Buku Internationl Film Festival).

Alexandros is also a screenwriter for television series Oi Filenades (1993-4), Tolmires istories(1995), Magiki Nyxta (1996) and the mystery series The Red Circle, which won the audience award for Best Drama Series in the 2001 Greek TV Awards.

As well as this he has researched and written documentaries such as Eleni Skoura, the first Woman MP in Greece (1989), Olympus, Place of Immortals (1990), We, Greeks (2008) and Alexander the Great (2009).

Alexandros is also a published poet, playwight, an editor of non-fiction, a film critic and has translated several books.


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