Participant profile: Pieter De Graeve

It’s over to Belgium this afternoon for an introduction to screenwriter Pieter De Graeve.

Pieter De Graeve

Pieter De Graeve

Pieter was born in Bruges, Belgium. After graduating from RITS, the Brussels film school, he immediately started to work as a screenwriter-director.

In 2003, Pieter wrote and directed ‘A Piece of Cake’ (Cinelight), a short film that was selected for festivals and awards home and abroad. In 2009 his second short film ‘Missing the Boat’ (NicPic Productions) was produced in Australia and is currently screening in festivals around the world. His first feature film project is now in further development in the U.K.

Pieter also has written for television: Aspe (Skyline, VTM-ZDF-RTL4), Missing Persons Unit (‘Vermist’) (Eyeworks, VT4-M6) and is part of the writer’s room of ‘Witse’ (VRT), Begium’s hugely popular long-running detective series. Currently he’s developing a 13-part television series for Eyeworks Film & TV Drama which will be produced in 2010 and screened on public channel VRT.

In 2005 Pieter became a committee member of the Flemish Screenwriters’ Guild. He represents the Writers’ Guild in the Flemish Film Fund (VAF) and in the Federation of Scriptwriters Europe (FSE).


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