Participant profile: Eirik Ildahl

We return to our series of participant profiles by travelling to Norway, to meet comic book writer and screenwriter, Eirik Ildahl.

Eirik Ildahl

Eirik Ildahl

Eirik was born in Hamar, Norway, and started his career writing political cartoons and comic strips for the local newspapers from the age of fourteen. He’s never quite given up on his passion for comics, and he has since worked professionally with several mainstream titles as well as underground comix and art projects.

He received the Ministry of Culture’s comic book prize, with Bjorn Ousland, for the first in their trilogy, Solruns saga: 1 Pesta, in 1988, and then won the Sproing Award for Solruns Saga 3: Night Light in 1990.

For the last twenty years Eirik has concentrated on drama, and is a versatile writer in many genres. He has recently written the popular Norwegian fictional detective Knut Gribb for the radio dramas ‘Kvinnen med de tusen ansikter’ (2005) and ‘Knut Gribb og Dødebokens vokter‘ (2007).

So far he has had three original screenplays produced: Blackout (1986), Hodet over vannet (Head Above Water, 1993) and Andreaskorset (The Crossing, 2004). Head Above Water won the Amanda Award in Norway for Best Film, and a American remake was released in 1996.  He has also written for the Norwegian television series I de beste familier (1995), and the television drama Kvinnen med de tusen ansikter (1997). He has more projects under way in various stages of development.

Eirik’s interest in politics resulted in him becoming a member of the board in the Norwegian Writers’ Guild, and the Norwegian Film Institute.

Eirik lives in Oslo with his wife, two teenagers, a cat and a dog.


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