Participant profile: Martin Ambrosch

It’s a trip to Austria today, to meet screenwriter Martin Ambrosch.

Martin Ambrosch

Martin Ambrosch

Martin was born in Vienna, Austria. He studied economics and worked for BNP Paris and the OPEC Fund before turning to screenwriting.

He has written and co-written, several feature films such as Stille Wasser (Still Waters, 1996), Kaltfront (2003) and Spiele Leben (You Bet Your Life, 2005).

Since 2004 Martin has been the head writer of the long-running Austrian crime series SOKO Kitzbühel (ORF/ZDF). He has written more than twenty episodes, and five 90-minute specials.

Currently he is writing a new series for ORF/ARD which will be produced next year. 2010 will also see the début of two new 90-minute serials Martin has written, which will also be produced for ORF/ZDF.

Since 1999 Martin has been a board member of Dachverband der Österreichischen Filmschaffenden, the Austrian Filmmakers Association. He’s also a faculty member of the screenwriting department of the Film College in Vienna.


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