Paricipant profile: Olivier Lorelle

It’s over to France today to discover more about screenwriter and President (Cinema) of the Union-Guilde des Scénaristes, Olivier Lorelle.

Olivier Lorelle

Olivier Lorelle

Olivier began his career teaching philosophy and writing for theatre before he turned his attention to screenwriting.

His early projects include the feature films Méfie-toi de l’eau qui dort (Still waters Run Deep, 1996), Kini et Adams (1997), and Vivre au paradis (Living in Paradise, 1998), as well as writing for the television dramas Tous ensemble (1998) and Strada principale (2001).

It was his writing with director Rachid Bouchareb on the film Little Senegal (2001) that brought him to critical attention. The film won nine international awards, including the Golden Bear at Berlin.

He’s since co-written the feature films Siestes (2001) and Les diables (The Devils, 2002), as well as the television dramas Agathe et le grand magasin (2001) and  Don Quichotte ou Les mésaventures d’un homme en colère (2005).

His second collaboration with director Rachid Bouchareb, Indigènes (Days of glory, 2006), proved another hit. It won nine awards, including the César Award for Best Original Writing, and a nomination for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. His recent collaboration with Bouchareb, London River (2009), netted them another two awards at Berlin this year.

Olivier has also co-written Faro, la reine des eaux (Faro Goddess of the waters, 2007) and L’autre moitié (The Other Half, 2007). During the same year he wrote and directed the television drama L’âge de l’amour. Olivier has written and directed the short films ‘La Vase’ (2001) and ‘Avec un grand A’ (2005).

He currently has two films in production: Hors la loi (a sequel to Days of glory), and Ciel rouge.

As well as all of this Olivier is a Professor at the distinguished film school La Fémis in Paris, and President (Cinema) of the Union-Guilde des Scénaristes.


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