Participant profile: Hávar Sigurjónsson

Today it’s a short flight across the sea to Iceland to meet screenwriter, playwright and President of the Icelandic Union of Playwrights and Screenwriters, Hávar Sigurjónsson

Havar Sigurjonsson

Hávar Sigurjónsson

Hávar studied drama at the Universities of Manchester and Leeds in England, and went on to complete an M.A. in 1983. He has worked professionally as a stage director, journalist and dramatist and has written plays for the stage, radio and television.

In 1990 he wrote the television drama Þar sem syndin er falleg? (Beautiful Sin) for Icelandic State Television, and since 1995 he has written four radio plays.

From 1992-1997 he was a resident director and dramaturge at The National Theatre in Iceland. Since then he has worked as a freelance writer and cultural journalist at Morgunblaðið – Iceland’s largest daily newspaper.

Among his plays are Englabörn (Angels, 2001) which has been produced widely in Europe and USA and Canada. Angels is a dark study of incest and domestic violence, and is available in English, Danish, German, French and Russian.

Pabbastrákur (Our Boy, 2003) was premièred at the National Theatre in Iceland in January 2003 and selected for presentation at the Bonn/Wiesbaden Biennale for New European Drama in 2004. It has since been produced by the Gavella City Theatre in Zagreb Croatia, The Croatian State Radio, Slovenian SKUC Theatre in Ljublana and Slovenian State Radio. Our Boy is available in English, German, Croatian and Slovenian.

Grjótharðir (Slammer, 2005) was premièred at the National Theatre in Iceland in February 2005. It’s a play about five men who are all in the Icelandic state prison, and is available in English.

Halla and Kári (2008) premièred at the Hafnarfjördur Theatre Company and is a satyrical look at the modern Icelandic society and describes a society on the brink of financial collapse and how the ultra modern Icelanders  cope with the stream of foreign workers who come to Iceland in search of a better life.

Hávar has also translated many contemporary plays by renowned playwrights such as Harold Pinter, Edward Bond, Mark Ravenhill and Martin McDonagh. He has been the President of the Icelandic Union of Playwrights and Screenwriters since 2004.


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