Participant profile: Satu Rasila

It’s a long flight back up to Europe, to settle in Finland, home of Satu Rasila, a playwright, screenwriter and the Chair of the Finnish Dramatists’ Union.

Finnish delegate: Satu Rasila

Satu Rasila

Satu was born in Tampere, Finland. She graduated with a degree in dramaturgy from the Theatre Academy in Finland, and later went on to obtain a Masters of Arts from the same school.  Her thesis examined the influence of the playwright and theatre on the community, and part of it comprised of a play called Pose, which she wrote and directed.

She’s written 17 episodes of the Finnish soap opera Salatut elämät (Hidden Lives), and co-written the script for the television movie Da Lintsi Koodi (Da Linsti Code), which is based on the play of the same name.

Satu has also written the play Kohtalona murha (Fate of Murder, 2004), and co-written the plays Kultaranta (2005), Drabbad av mord (Victim of Murder, 2007), and Vares (2008).

She is perhaps best known for the highly popular comedy play Mieletön Turun historia (The Preposterous history of Turku), which was directed by Mikko Kouki and produced at the Castle Theatre in Turku.

She has also worked as a theatre director in several Finnish theatres. In 2005 Satu became chair of the Finnish Dramatists’ Union.


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