Participant profile: Haluk Ünal

We’re back to delegate profiles today, and it’s the turn of screenwriter and union activist, Haluk Ünal from Turkey.

Turkish delegate: Haluk Ünal

Haluk Ünal

Haluk Ünal was born in Ankara,  Turkey, and became interested in theatre and photography while at college. He started his career in theatre acting and stage management, and in 1984 moved on to work as a  stage management assistant in the movie industry. From 1990-1997 he served as chief editor of a political magazine entitled New Avant Garde, and then worked as a journalist and editor in various national magazines and newspapers.

Haluk’s first feature lenght screenplay Çökertme (Buckling) was produced in 1997. It was followed two years later by Kaçıklık Diploması (Craziness Diploma), which he co-wrote with the director Tunç Başaran.  In 2000, he wrote the screenplay for the television movie Martılar ve İstanbul (Seagulls and Istanbul).

Between 2000 and 2004, he worked as text writer and project designer in the communications and advertising industry.

In 2004 Haluk adapted Ibsen’s A Public Enemy (Halk Düşmanı) for a national TV channel, and also published a novel entitled A Ballad for the Black Head.

In 2005 he helped establish the Scriptwriters’ Association of Turkey (SENDER), and is currently Vice President of the organisation. He also began the “Script-Istanbul Workshop”, which was founded to improve the quality of script writing in Turkey, and to train young new writers under the guidance of the association.

As well as all this he also found the time to write the television series Eylül (September) for a national TV channel. He  created and wrote the TV series Night & Day in 2007, and the following year he scripted and directed the television movie To Kill my Father for Pay TV broadcasting nationwide.

Nowadays, Haluk is making preparations for his film project Charlie Hasan, which is an adaptation of his own novel, and he continues to represent the script writers at the Turkish Cinema Platform and Cinema Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Culture.


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