Participant profile: Uwe Wilhelm

It’s a quick flight over mountains and rivers to meet another German participant, Uwe Wilhelm.

German Delegate Uwe Wilhelm

Uwe Wilhelm

Uwe was born in Hanau am Main, and after a short stint working various jobs (including as a truck driver and a musician), he studied Philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt. Afterwards, he went on to study acting at the Folkwang School of Music, Dance and Speech in Essen. Until the end of the 1980s he worked as an actor in theatre and feature films.

Since 1990 Uwe has worked as a playwright,  a screenwriter of film and television, as well as a director. At this point he has written 150 scripts across these media.

His feature films for cinema include Bandits (1997, with director Katja von Garnier), Cascadeur (1998, with Uwe Kossmann), and Sass (2001, with Holger Karsten Schmidt). His television feature films include Judith Kemp (2004), Einmal Dieb, immer Dieb (2007), and  Schwarzwaldliebe (2009), which he also directed.

For a five-year period he also took on the role of producer, and founded the production company “Development Hell Ltd”, and developed scripts for feature films.

Uwe has several screenplays for film and television in development, as well as a novel and a music project.