Participant profile: Pedro Gómez

Today we swoop across the sea to meet a Spanish screenwriter, Pedro Gómez, as part of our series of participant profiles.

Spanish Delegate Pedro Gomez

Pedro Gómez

Pedro was born in Madrid, and holds a PhD in Information Sciences (Audiovisual Communication) from the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has extensive experience working as a scriptwriter for Spanish television, which includes shows such as: Vecinos (1992), Contigo pan y cebolla (Honeymooners, Spanish version, 1996), Al salir de clase (1997-2002), Tío Willy (1998), Un hombre solo (2000), Calle nueva (2000), Paraíso (2000 y 2003), Abogados (2001), 20tantos (2002), Paco y Veva (2004), Capital (2004), Las cerezas del cementerio (2005), A tortas con la vida (2006) and Marisol (2009).

Pedro is also a playwright, and is the co-writer (with Eduardo Galán) of the play La curva de la felicidad (The Happiness Curve). In July 2006 it premièred at the Teatro Capitol in Santander, and afterwards had a successful run in Teatro Lara, Madrid for three seasons. It’s seen theatrical production in Buenos Aires, Miami, Lisbone, Athens and Nicosia. The play was translated into Greek, and published by the Instituto Cervantes as a bilingual edition.

The Happiness CurveHe later co-wrote  the play Esperando a Diana (Waiting for Diana, 2007) with Eduardo Galán, which has played in more than 15 theatres in Spain.

Pedro has won the prestigious Buñuel scriptwriter’s award twice, and has been a finalist for the Madrid Nuevos Guionistas award.

His other publications include his play Los Representantes (Representatives, 1993), and his novel Los arcanos del mal (The Mysteries of Evil, 2002), as well as many articles and columns in communications magazines like Icono 14, Comunicación y Hombre and other media such as Odisea 21, and La letra en el cine – the Yearbook of the European Film Week.

Since 1999 he has been a professor of Narrative Film History at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid).  He regularly teaches seminars and masterclasses on scriptwriting for institutions and organisations such as Fundación Complutense, Sociedad General de Autores –SGAE-, ABC Guionistas, ACAI, and Telemadrid.

In 2006 Pedro became a script-supervisor and projects developer for Sony Pictures Inc. (España), and in 2007 he began as a developer for Plural Entertainment (Grupo Prisa).


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    • Thanks for the link to Autores Literarios de Medios Audiovisuales or ALMA, Pedro. It’s the vibrant website of the Writers’ Guild of Spain, and one of the participating Guilds at the conference. There is a permanent link to the group on the right-hand column.

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