Locating the conference

 Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of InformationThose of you seeking practical information about the venue for the World Conference of Screenwriters should check out the location page via the menu at the top.

It includes information about where the conference will taking place: in the Secretariat General of Communication – Secretariat General of Information (SGC – SGI) building, which is situated on Fragoudi Street and Alexandrou Pantou Street, opposite the Panteion University.

There is information about the SGC – SGI address, its phone number and web site, as well as an interactive map and a link to comprehensive directions to the conference site via the SGC – SGI’s own web site.

Meeting RoomThe bulk of the meetings will be taking place in the Press Centre – the Conference Room of the SGC – SGI, located in the lobby of its new building, which offers top-notch facilities.

For those of you who use Facebook I’ve also established an Event page for the conference. Delegates should feel free to add themselves as guests, so they can start putting names to faces before the gathering begins in November.

On the blogroll on the right there is a list of Participating Guilds and Unions who will be sending delegates to the conference. The conference will truly be an international event!

Regular updates are forthcoming, including more details about our agenda, programme, and delegate list.


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